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A New Journey Towards Paradise Philippines....
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The 3rd Philippine Seo Contest has been launched by the SEO Ph Founder Marc Macalua last July; it depicts the “Bayanihan” of Pinoys. The contestant’s main objective is to rank on 3 major search engines (Google.com, Yahoo.com, and MSN.com) for the keyword “Paradise Philippines”. The twist of the contest is that it follows a bayanihan point system in judging who will won and participants has 3 chances (2 checkpoint dates –September and November and the Finals on January), And with these a new door was opened to test my skills as a SEO.

Team Pazuway was formed with my SEO friends and buddies (Joiz, Gurlalien and Extreme_driver) we will take this New Journey towards Paradise Philippines to test our skills, conquer Search engines and to enjoy life.

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