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To Remove or Not To Remove...
Friday, April 20, 2007

As a webmaster and SEO, I have a full control of the sites I handle/own. I can do anything with my site add this, delete this, allow this or that and I can even limit search engines on what contents or parts of my site I want them to indexed. But to remove an indexed content…Close to impossible... not anymore.

Just recently upon browsing on different blogs like Google Webmaster Central, I found out that I can remove contents that’s has been indexed by Google. To do this is to think of the type of content you want to remove then do the most appropriate approach on removing contents. Google Webmaster Help will guide us well in removing contents. And also one can also remove contents of site they don't own with the help Webpage removal request tool.

Isn't that amazing more control on our contents or is it something that can be harmful?

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